[WordPress] How to Use a Dropbox Account to Backup Your WordPress Website

Today, I am glad to be writing about WordPress after a long time. I really missed writing WordPress articles as I have lots of other topics to write about and most of my blog visitors are computer users. But today, I am writing for people who have their own website, especially for those who are running a website on WordPress. When we talk about CMS, WordPress is the top CMS because it provides so much flexibility and offers many features that are not available on any other CMS. One other thing that makes WordPress so popular is that it is very easy to use and implement. In a short time, anyone can learn how to use it and start their own website.

Backup is a very important part of any website because hackers are on the prowling all over the internet all the time and it might be possible that one day someone hacks your WordPress blog. If you have a backup of your WordPress blog then it is very easy to restore your blog to its previous state and fix all the security issues. Now, the question is “How to back up WordPress Blog or Website?” Backup is not any easy task and it completely depends on how you would like to take backup. Normally, every Web Hosting Panel has an option to back up everything including database and website files. On WordPress, you can use a plugin to back up your blog or you also have the option to download the entire website via FTP. FTP is the most popular way to back up any website but it needs a high speed internet connection and this is not be possible for every WordPress user. So, another way is to use any plugin to back up WordPress. There are a large number of plugins that run on WordPress and take a full backup of your WordPress website. But most of these plugins support download backup on the system and this might be issue for low speed internet users. This issue can be overcome by backing up your WordPress website on your Dropbox account instead.

Dropbox is a well known online cloud storage service which offers up to 16GB (free 2.5GB and on every referral; you can get 500MB space up to 16G) of free space to store files, pictures and documents online. So it is a very good option to store your entire website backup to a Dropbox account. At present, Dropbox itself does not have any feature to download your website to your Dropbox account but you can use a WordPress plugin WordPress Backup to Dropbox which allows you to use your Dropbox space to store your entire WordPress website backup including the database. It is the easiest way to back up your WordPress blog when you have no option to download backup on your system.

How to use it and its settings ?

Using WordPress Backup to Dropbox is very easy; you just need to link your Dropbox account via the WordPress dashboard and set backup timing. To use this plugin follow the below steps:

1. First login with your WordPress account and go to the Plugins section.

2. Click on Add New Plugin and search for “WordPress Backup to Dropbox”.


3. Click on the install button and then activate it.

After completing all the above steps, navigate for Backup settings on the WordPress panel and click on it. In the settings of Backup, click on the Authorize button to link your Dropbox account with this plugin.


Once you click on the Authorize button, the plugin will automatically move you to the Dropbox website so you can authorize this application to access your Dropbox account. Click on the Allow button and now come to the same WordPress backup setting area and click on the Continue button to configure other settings.


Now, you can configure all the settings to start backup automatically at a specific time. You can set automatic backup time or day such as Daily 9:00 AM or every Week 10:00 PM and so on. You can also toggle file and folders which you want to use for backup or which not. You can also set backup directory on Dropbox and temporary backup directory on your blog.


Once you have completed all the steps and you can relax and forget about WordPress backup as it will be taken care of automatically at the time you specified in settings.



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