[Webmaster] cPanel: Auto Backup and Remote Transfer using API + PHP

The good thing about cPanel is you can generate your own backup automatically using cPanel API. In this case, we will use PHP to run on schedule to automatically generate backup and transfer via FTP or SCP to another server. This implementation can be done on user level without need to login into cPanel login page.

To integrate with cPanel API, we need a file xmlapi.php which we can get from cPanel GitHub repository at https://github.com/CpanelInc/xmlapi-php. This post is about creating full backup and transfer the backup to a remote location using FTP automatically with cPanel under user privileges, not root privileges. Variable as below:

cPanel: WHM 11.30.6 (build 6)
cPanel user: mycp123
cPanel password: Pas$r12cP
Domain: mycp123.org
Home directory: /home/mycp123

1. Download the PHP API at here https://github.com/CpanelInc/xmlapi-php/downloads. For me I will download the zip format into my local desktop. Unzip it. Inside the folder got several files and folders. We just need to upload xmlapi.php into public_html folder using FTP client.

2. I am login into cPanel to create PHP script by using File Manager. Go to cPanel > File Manager > Web Root > Go > New File > File Name: cpbackup.php > Create New File.

3. Open back the file in text editor mode by right click on the file (cpbackup.php) and select Code Edit > Edit. It should open cPanel code editor. Copy following lines and save:

4. Update the credentials details between line 5 to 15 in the script and save it.

The script will check whether any backup exists in destination server and will delete all of them (line 21 to 31). Then, using cPanel API we can create an argument as refer to here http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/ApiDocs/Api1/ApiFileman#Fileman::fullbackup to use passive FTP as transfer mode at line 34 when the backup is ready.

5. We can execute this task manually by accessing the PHP file via browser at http://www.mycp123.org/cpbackup.php. You should see JSON output will be return as below if successful:


6. To automate this task, we can simply create cron job to run it weekly. Go to cPanel > Advanced > Cron jobs and use following command:

php -q /home/mycp123/public_html/cpbackup.php




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